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Welcome to Hello Doggy, a premier Chicago resort for dogs

Providing Comfort, Care, and Convenience for all of Chicagoland's dogs


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Our Daycare is 7-7, 7 days a week.  Hello Doggy is a unique daycare facility because our service includes up to 10 hours of play time per day.  The only time your dog will not be in a group enjoying its playtime is when they are resting during the nap time from 12-2.  We know your pooch wants to play all day but rest is also important so no dog has too much fun and overdoes it, and sometimes they are having too much fun and can’t help it.

Our daycare service is a great way to socialize and exercise your pooch while you are at work or just need to get things done with your day and are worried about your dog.  Our daycare services are flexible enough to provide you with an option for a short term stay to a full day and we also have packages available to save the most amount of money possible.

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Our boarding service at Hello Doggy is designed to give your dog the most amount of play time throughout the day.  We want our pooches out in play groups all day enjoying their stay while at Hello Doggy.  your dog deserves to have a vacation to and enjoy its time away from home.  Our staff is here to help accommodate any and all feeding and medication requests.

We encourage owners to also bring in any blankets or bedding that will make the dog feel more comfortable during its stay, anything to make Hello Doggy seem like your pooches home away from home.  Make sure you treat your dog like a VIP the next time you go away for a trip with and bring it to stay at Hello Doggy.



Our certified groomers can perform and grooming that your dog would need from a nail trim, to a standard bath, to a full groom.  Our groomers treat your dog with the utmost care and will groom your dog to your specifications.  For full grooms, you also have the option to leave your pet for the day free of charge so it can enjoy some group play activity as well as getting its full groom.  At Hello Doggy we will always to give our customers the very best service and provide the very best care for your pets.

Feel free to take advantage of our grooming services when your dog stays for boarding as well.  After a long trip it is great to pick up a nice clean and tired dog.  As long as we know when you will be picking your dog up from its boarding stay we can bath your pooche right before you pick them up to ensure they are squeaky clean.  If you have any questions about our services or have any special requests please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and your pooche(s).

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Our trainers provide a wide varietyof classes for your pet including group classes and individual classes.  As a rule for all training, a tired dog is easier to train so coupling our training and daycare service is a great way to get your dog trained to the level you want it to be.  Our facility provides an optimal space for your pooch to get the training it needs whether its a young puppy or a dog in  need of a refresher course.





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